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Illegal Skin Whitening Creams Are Being Sold In The UK

Many women of colour report feeling pressure to be lighter skinned, the pair explain. Mariam, 22, says she first began using bleaching creams during secondary school after her peers told her she would look "so much prettier if [her] chest was the same colour as [her] face", while 22-year-old Arlene says she had wanted to "fit in" and be considered "desirable". In the film, they are shocked to be told that of the 20 random samples of lightening products put in front of them, purchased from shop shelves, under the counter and online, 50% contained banned substances. One woman found to be selling the illegal creams when the film was made, in June 2018, was Meg Chucks even though she was prosecuted and received a fine of 1,400 (plus 1,040 in legal costs) for doing so in October 2017. BBC footage shows Chucks, whose store TM Cosmetics is in Moston, Greater Manchester, selling a cream containing hydroquinone, despite her assurances that it only featured "just normal, natural, very nice" ingredients. For people who use skin-lightening creams, it can be difficult to stop, as the film explores. "It's like taking drugs. It's not easy to tell someone to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop taking drugs," former user Safi George tells Mariam and Arlene, adding that she "would have lost [her] life" if she hadn't sought help from medical professionals. Sujata Jolly, a skincare research scientist interviewed in the film, explains that common side-effects of these creams include a burned-looking appearance to the skin and foetal damage in pregnant women, as well as kidney, nerve and liver damage, scarring, skin thinning and a potentially enhanced risk of skin cancer.

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